CMP Initiatives



CMP REPORT-2017-18

     CMP room is equipped with the following :

1.     LCD Projector

2.     PC with net connection

3.     Colour TV

4.     CD/DVD player

5.     White board with marker

6.     Interaction board



1.    1.FILM SHOWS :

a.     Film shows are shown twice in a month for each class.

b.     A separate timetable for made this purpose and displayed in Primary Activity Room.

c.      Teacherwise and classwise record for Film Shows maintained regularly.



Cluster level CMP Meeting is being conducted once in a three months.

19-08-2017 : Cluster level CMP Meeting was  conducted at KV1 Srivijayanagar, Visakhapatnam.

19-11-2017 : Cluster level CMP Meeting was  conducted at KV Waltair, Visakhapatnam.

Senior PRT and Principal attended the meetings.  The topics and the points discussed in the Cluster level CMP Meetings are briefed in the staff meeting.


3.    3.Excursion : Primary  students  went  for  an excursion  to  Korukonda  Sainik   School     on 21-09-2017.


4.    4Community Lunch : Community Lunch was conducted on 24-08-2017 in the school premises.   Classes 1 to V students participated along with their teachers.  That was a good opportunity to learn share and care the food items and eatables.


5.   5.CCA ACTIVITIES : CCA is being conducted on every Friday for primary classes.

Primary  students  are divided in to four houses named Agni, Dhanush, Prithvi and Trishul .  Students are given a list of activities in the beginning of the academic session.  Individual and Housewise competitions are being conducted under Co Curricular Activities.


6.   6.TLM MATERIAL : An amount of Rs.1000/- is being spent every month towards TLM material.  The material is used effectively in teaching learning process.


7.    7. CLUSTER LEVEL SPORTS and  CULTURAL ITEMS : Cluster level Sports were conducted in KV  No1  Srivijayanagar,  Visakhapatnam  and Cluster Level Cultural Items were conducted in KV No 2 Srivijayanagar,, Visakhapatnam on 25-11-2017.   Primary students of this vidyalaya have participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm.


8.    8Bal Diwas : Bal Diwas was celebrated on 14th November, 2017.  Fancy dress competition was conducted.