Innovation & Experiment


Innovation and Experimentation
Class and subject
Learning objective initially envisaged
Learning objective realised or not
Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
Find the Facts
IX, Social Studies
Gathering information through Net
 Yes, they have  done wonderful job
Mrs. Raiendra prasad, TGT(SST)
Read a sentence and asking the child to correct by them self
VII English
Having taught the lesson and gives maximum exposure to the students from the lesson, the teacher divided the students into different groups and asks the students to create written or oral questions to ask them to other groups.  The teacher plays the role of a monitor and arbitrator and finally decides the winner
Learning objective realised
Mrs. Indrani Roy, TGT(Eng)
 Collecting different mathematical puzzles, tricks and making into a  power point presentation & verification of some concepts.
 XI, Maths
 They gathered information through net, magazine, news paper et., and presented well.
Learning objective realised
Mr.D.V.R Gupta, TGT(Maths)